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About Us

In a world where life is busy and it keeps getting busier it's hard to find time to browse. Shops aren't always open when you're at leisure to think about your next quilting project. Finding the right pattern and then matching the different fabrics and cottons you need during store opening hours can be practically impossible.

Busy Thimbles began in response to the difficulties inherent in a busy lifestyle and attempts to combine it with a love of quilting. We know that time is precious and that it's better spent working on a quilt than trying to get to the shops.

Our complete pre-packaged kits contain all the materials you need for a project including the pattern,fabrics, features,cottons and wadding.With fast shipping to anywhere in Australia, you can spend five minutes online and be working on your new project within a week of ordering it.

If you prefer to do your own mixing and matching we have a variety of patterns suitable for novices, experts and everyone in between. Check out the Replica 18th Century Quilt if you're looking for a challenge, or our jelly rolls and books for a quick start to your project.

Browse our extensive range of patchwork fabrics suitable for you, your home, your children or your grandchildren. Then order everything online and get quilting, or save your selections to a wish list and email these helpful suggestions to friends and family in time for Christmas.

We have a great team of people here at Busy Thimbles, keen to help you with your projects and design fabulous quilts for you plus our back room boys who keep everything running smoothly.

Judy Hansen Lauren Hansen Shauna Winchester

Judy is the  owner of Busy Thimbles!

She is the one at the end of the telephone when you call when she isn't sewing! She is the most published patchwork designer on the team. Look out for her patterns or catch up with her in one of the classes at the shows.

Anything and everything is what keeps Lauren occupied here at Busy Thimbles not to mention her all round entertainment for the rest of the staff!

Welcome Shauna, our newest member, unlike the rest of us, she can sit still long enough to load up new products to the website, so thank Shauna for all the new fabrics!



 Mike Hansen

Erica Hansen


Mike; financial advisor, builder, painter, construction guru and lucky husband to Judy. "Tries" to keep her sane and has been fantastic helping out with the relocation of the business.

Erica is our rural consultant, she tests out the postal services from Sydney to Bourke and lets us know what your crafty shops are missing "out there" so we can fill the gaps and keep you busy quilting!  
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