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spacer Bush Tucker
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Bush Tucker


We could jokingly refer to this as an Aboriginal Cook Book. We can see three people sitting at their campfire. The digging sticks and coolamons next to the seated figures confirm that they are female. They are discussing the food sources available in the area. The honey ants, small lizards, snakes and witchetty grubs are shown along with bush fruit.

The womens’ footprints wander through the food probably indicating that the food may be collected.


Bush Tucker


Maroon, yellow,grey, black


 Julie Nambangardi Shedden




 100% Cotton


 150 cm (60 inches)


 25 cm (10 inches)

Use the radio buttons below to purchase fabric cut from the bolt (per metre) or as fat quarters. The minimum cut is 0.2m (20cm). For example, for 1.2m, type 1.2 in the quantity box.

Unit: 1 Metre
Fat Quarter (AUD$4.47)