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How big is a fat quarter?

At Busy Thimbles, our fat quarters are 50cm x 55cm (20 inches x 22 inches) unless otherwise noted.

They are cut from half a metre of fabric that is then cut across the width of the fabric to make nearly a square.

Fat quarters have as much fabric in them as a 25cm strip. 2 fat quarters have the same amount of fabric as 1/2 a metre of fabric.

The size & shape is popular as it offers a lot of possibilities when cutting including bias cuts and appliqué.

Australian fat quarters are larger than American fat quarters because we measure by the metre and Americans measure by the yard. An American fat quarter is 45cm x 55cm (18 inches x 22 inches).

Note when ordering: If you want 1/2m a metre of fabric from us you can just order it by the metre and put 0.5 in the quantity box. If you order 2 or more fat quarters and we have them already cut we will ship those. IF we cut them from the bolt we will ship 0.5m or 1m as appropriate unless you make a request in the comments section of your order