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What is a jelly roll?

A jelly roll is a set of (usually 40) 2.5 inch strip cut across the width of the fabric rolled up and tied with a cute ribbon to look like a Swiss roll (or jelly roll for the Americans).

They contain one of each of the fabric from the range (they may contain some duplicates to make it up to 40 strips. There is 2.5m worth of fabric in a standard jelly roll.


Jelly rolls are great for any sort of strip quilt that uses 2.5 inch strips as the first lot of cutting is already done. They make up into log cabin quilts, courthouse steps and pin wheels for a start. Put them together with a charm pack and the possibilities are endless.

They are also a great way of purchasing a range for English paper piecing eg for 1 inch hexagons as two sides are already cut.