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AMY BUTLER Bright Heart


AMY BUTLER Bright Heart   Tropi Canna


My “Bright Heart” inspiration comes from a fusion of elements both internal and external, born from rich feelings of delight in celebrating what brings meaning, purpose and beauty to my world; modern flower forms, rhythmic graphics, handmade ethnic textures and rich soulful colors that signal stories with my 3 palettes; “Grounded”, “Passionate” and “Inspired.” My print inspiration and a good deal of the color combinations in my prints come from a wonderful creative adventure I experienced in Oaxaca, Mexico, where the people are deeply connected to their heritage, their spirit, the natural world and express their “hand to heart” connection with the beautiful art forms that enrich their daily lives. It brings me great joy to translate these inspirations and keep the creative love and energy moving forward to inspire folks creating with my fabrics. This is what I love about what I do as an artist! This collection will have a unique and different inspiration and meaning for the each person that plays with the fabrics. That’s the best part! Happy Sewing! ~ Amy

Use the radio buttons below to purchase fabric cut from the bolt (per metre) or as fat quarters. The minimum cut is 0.2m (20cm). For example, for 1.2m, type 1.2 in the quantity box.